How Luck Happens

Updated: May 2

Luck is a combination of chance, talent and hard work, and we have more control over it than we think. Increase your luck by being persistent, putting yourself where luck will be and going against the flow. Setting up a lucky framework involves networking, keeping your options open and being able to spot and grow small breaks. A lucky start in life means being taught as a child that your life is in your control. Chance can contribute to career success, but those who get lucky are those who stand out. To be lucky in love you need to look in the right places and put in the work. With the right preparation and reaction, we can get rid of unwanted bad luck. Luck is more in our control than we think. By following the principles outlined here – that is, combining hard work, talent and chance, and preparing and putting yourself in places where opportunity is likely to strike – you can increase your susceptibility to luck.

Actionable advice:

Steer through life with a compass, not a map.

To find the places where the opportunities to become lucky are high, you need to have a plan. But an overly rigid plan – that is, clearly defined life map – can cause you to miss those important opportunities. So trade out your map for a compass. If you kno

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w the general direction you wish to go in, you will be able to adapt if the landscape changes around you. It requires courage and self-confidence, but walking your own path will lead you to opportunities that might just change your luck.

How Luck Happens

Using the Science of Luck to Transform Work, Love, and Life

By: Janice Kaplan and Barnaby Marsh