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Life is difficult. Sometimes we get stuck, frustrated, or just need someone to listen. It happens to all of us. There is nothing better than having someone there to listen to us, hear our fears and concerns and just be there for us. Many of us have friends, family, bartenders or even our pets that we talk to, to unload life’s baggage. Often, that network is enough. But I have found that there are issues that people really do not want to share with others. Friends and family could use your feelings against you, bartenders don’t really care, and it is difficult to get feedback from your dog or cat.

I want you to know that as a professional Life Coach I am there for you, trained to listen, and available to listen to your concerns, and there to help as requested. Many clients just need to verbalize their issues and they see the problem and solutions just by hearing them aloud. Others need some probing questions or active listening to see their issues from a distance. Some people need deeper coaching to unravel their concerns, look at them dispassionately, and develop their own solutions.


I am here for you. I AM AVAILABLE, ON AN AS-NEEDED BASIS TO LISTEN TO YOU, and help you work through your situation. As this is so open-ended, I have found that just setting aside time for one-on-one sessions is freeing for the individual with no requirements for set periods of sessions. Sometimes, one session is sufficient, other situations will take longer to work through.  I am available on a per session, or package basis to be there for you. My goal is to help you to help yourself in seeing life’s issues, and addressing them in your own fashion. The choice is yours. Call me and let’s get started.


I am a certified coach. I am not a professional counselor. Should your issues require deeper professional help, I will advise you, and provide possible recommendations.


Virtual and/or in person - $65/ hour or $200 for four-hour package.