Since I was a young girl, I have had a consistent passion to help others grow and develop. In school, friends would come up to me seeking advice and guidance. What I learned from those experiences is that the best way to grow is to grow within yourself. Others cannot do it for you, you must find the spark and motivation inside and then you own the issue. Over the years, I developed the ability, coupled with my personal caring, to help others face their issues, and provide the guidance for them to see their problems in a new light, and work toward solving them. Without knowing it, I was acting as a life coach in my high school years.

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In the university, I found the power of intent listening. I was constantly approached by others asking to help them with their personal life. Here, I saw that by listening to others, and asking questions, the people would start to see their problems clearly. I would offer suggestions on items to consider as they formed action plans to address their issues. My coaching skills were growing.


While working on my postgraduate studies 20 years ago, I joined the university faculty as a humanities professor. I found joy in helping develop young people to understand others, and use their own talent to progress along their path. That success encouraged me to begin my formal career in helping others. Thus, began my journey as a professional life coach.


So, I fully immersed myself in earning professional and academic credentials in various elements of Life Coaching. I am an accredited Life Coach, with advanced training. I have an NLP Associate Practitioner Certification, a certification in anger and stress management, goal setting, relationship building and assertiveness. Although there are many other areas available, I feel that devoting my time and additional efforts to these niche areas will ensure my effectiveness in coaching others.


With the world situation changing due to the virus, I have expanded my in-person life coaching to include internet-based interaction. With the added stress of recent events, I have found that the internet sessions are valued highly by those with limited ability to get out of their homes. I invite you to allow me to join you on your journey, to face your challenges, and reach your ultimate potential.